Stuv 1F Series Keys

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Key Code Ranges: 1F201 - 1F278, 1F201X - 1F278X, 1F201Z - 1F278Z


Stuv 1F Series Keys

Key Code Range: 1F201 - 1F278, 1F201X - 1F278X, 1F201Z - 1F278Z

You can find your replacement key number on an original key or the lock face. 

These keys are used for:

Commonly used as a Lift Key and more... 

Manufactures include:

Manufacturers include Stuv, Thyssen, Thyssen Krupp

Key Code Range:

1F201 1F202 1F203 1F204 1F205 1F206 1F207 1F208 1F209 1F210 1F211 1F212 1F213 1F214 1F215 1F216 1F217 1F218 1F219 1F220 1F221 1F222   1F223 1F224 1F225 1F226 1F227 1F228 1F229 1F230 1F231 1F232 1F233 1F234 1F235 1F236 1F237 1F238 1F239 1F240 1F241 1F242 1F243 1F244   1F245 1F246 1F247 1F248 1F249 1F250 1F251 1F252 1F253 1F254 1F255   1F256 1F257 1F258 1F259 1F260 1F261 1F262 1F263 1F264 1F265 1F266 1F267 1F268 1F269 1F270 1F271 1F272 1F273 1F274 1F275 1F276 1F277   1F278

Stuv 1F Series Keys

1F201X 1F202X 1F203X 1F204X 1F205X 1F206X 1F207X 1F208X 1F209X 1F210X 1F211X 1F212X 1F213X 1F214X 1F215X 1F216X 1F217X 1F218X 1F219X 1F220X 1F221X 1F222X 1F223X 1F224X 1F225X 1F226X 1F227X 1F228X 1F229X 1F230X 1F231X 1F232X 1F233X 1F234X 1F235X 1F236X 1F237X 1F238X 1F239X 1F240X 1F241X 1F242X 1F243X 1F244X 1F245X 1F246X 1F247X 1F248X 1F249X 1F250X 1F251X 1F252X 1F253X 1F254X 1F255X 1F256X 1F257X 1F258X 1F259X 1F260X 1F261X 1F262X 1F263X 1F264X 1F265X 1F266X 1F267X 1F268X 1F269X 1F270X 1F271X 1F272X 1F273X 1F274X 1F275X 1F276X 1F277X 1F278X

1F201Z 1F202Z 1F203Z 1F204Z 1F205Z 1F206Z 1F207Z 1F208Z 1F209Z 1F210Z 1F211Z 1F212Z 1F213Z 1F214Z 1F215Z 1F216Z 1F217Z 1F218Z 1F219Z 1F220Z 1F221Z 1F222Z 1F223Z 1F224Z 1F225Z 1F226Z 1F227Z 1F228Z 1F229Z 1F230Z 1F231Z 1F232Z 1F233Z 1F234Z 1F235Z 1F236Z 1F237Z 1F238Z 1F239Z 1F240Z 1F241Z 1F242Z 1F243Z 1F244Z 1F245Z 1F246Z 1F247Z 1F248Z 1F249Z 1F250Z 1F251Z 1F252Z 1F253Z 1F254Z 1F255Z 1F256Z 1F257Z 1F258Z 1F259Z 1F260Z 1F261Z 1F262Z 1F263Z 1F264Z 1F265Z 1F266Z 1F267Z 1F268Z 1F269Z 1F270Z 1F271Z 1F272Z 1F273Z 1F274Z 1F275Z 1F276Z 1F277Z 1F278Z

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Stuv 1F Series Keys

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At Coded Keys, we are a part of Warrington Lock & Safe, who are a part of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA).

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At Coded Keys, our main aim is to get your order to you as quick as possible. This is why we aim to dispatch all orders placed before 3pm, same day. In addition to this, we also focus on making sure every order is of high quality before dispatched. 

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