In need of a replacement key for your front door? You’re at the right place!

At Coded Keys, we have over 40 door keys available on our website.

Brands include:

  • ASEC
  • Abus
  • Avocet
  • Caveo
  • CISA
  • ERA
  • ISEO
  • Rockdoor
  • Yale
ASEC Key, Front Door KeysAvocet Security Key, Front Door KeysAvocet Master Key, Front Door KeysCISA Astral Key, Front Door KeysERA Fortress Key, Front Door KeysRockdoor Key, Front Door KeysYale Platinum Key, Front Door Keys


Avocet ATK Key, Front Door KeysAvocet ATK+ Key, Front Door Keys

We always want to make sure your door keys arrive safely and on time. This is why we recommend selecting tracked delivery at checkout.

As well as being an online key cutting service, we are also apart of the Locksmith company, Warrington Lock & Safe, who are Master Locksmith Association (MLA) approved.

Warrington Lock and Safe - Master Approved Locksmiths (

Below are our 3 TOP TIPS on how to keep your front door secure.


  1. Don’t leave your keys by the front door.

Most of the time, we throw our keys onto the side as soon as we get home, and don’t think about them until the following morning. We also tend to have our house key on a key ring with others such as a back door key, car key etc.

If your home was broken into overnight, it is the first place the robbers will look and then they will have access to not just your home, but also your car.

We recommend placing your keys in a drawer, cupboard, away from the front door.

  1. Have a key safe outside your home?

If you have a key safe outside your home, some can easily be broken into. This means someone will have your front door key and can enter your home.

We recommend removing the key from the safe overnight, only using it when necessary and changing the code frequently.


  1. Don’t leave a key in your purse/ wallet.

I’m sure a lot of us can relate to putting our purse/ wallet down, and not remembering where! Most of the time we do this in our homes and find it soon after. However, if this happened outside the home and you could not find it, someone may have stolen it and would now have your front door key.

The reason as to why we say not to leave your key in there is because we also tend to keep ID in our purse/ wallet. This means the individual would have your front door key, and now your address.

If this does happen to you, we can’t recommend enough to get your locks changed. You never know who that person is!

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